Breeze Airways: Game-changer in Budget Flights to Popular Destinations

Original Article By: Andrea Ramos of Island Spotters Travel

There is shake-up happening in the world of travel post-COVID. We’re seeing a impressive new airlines popping up and let me tell ya, Breeze Airways is the one grabbing my attention lately. These guys fired up their engines in May 2021, zipping in and out of Providence, Rhode Island’s TF Greene Airport (PVD), and they’ve made quite a splash in just a little while.

Just to give you an idea, Breeze – this little airline – has more destinations in its pocket than any other carrier operating out of PVD. Fifteen routes! Even the big boy Southwest can’t beat that, currently running only 9. And check this out – they’re hauling over 31,000 passengers a month. People are definitely loving what Breeze brings to the table. The man behind this venture is the legendary David Neeleman, founder of Jet Blue. With such a seasoned pilot steering the ship, it’s no wonder Breeze is taking off so quickly.

What I really love about Breeze is how they’ve avoided that boring ‘one-size-fits-all’ philosophy some airlines seem to have adopted. They get that not everyone has the same needs when they fly, so they tailor their services to fit various budgets and travel styles: Nice, Nicer, Nicest. They even let ALL their customers change or cancel flights up to 15 minutes before takeoff without any fees. You will be issued Breeze points for these cancelations or changes. Fair warning though, their refund policy is a bit tight. You only get your money back on bookings made at least a week in advance and cancelled within 24 hours of booking.

Now, I’ve had the chance to hop on a Breeze flight and I gotta say, they’ve got some good stuff going on. It’s no-frills, yes, which is a friend to your wallet, but the extra legroom and space were a pleasant surprise. What won me over was the crew’s friendliness, attention to safety, and a surprisingly clean plane. There’s no onboard entertainment, like TV or Wi-Fi, but here’s a pro tip: Load up your devices with stuff to keep you entertained beforehand.

Their onboard service works great within its means. If you choose the ‘Nice’ service, free drinks are limited to water, coffee, or tea – but the ‘Nicer’ and ‘Nicest’ levels have more on offer. Snack boxes and boozy beverages are a perk for a little extra out of pocket, but bear in mind cash is not accepted only debit or credit.

A bit of a bummer is their baggage fee policy. If you’re in the ‘Nice’ section, be ready to shell out for your luggage – weirdly enough, it even costs more to carry on a bag than to check it in! On the flight I was on the baggage fees were as follows: Personal item’s were included in the fare. carry-on bag was $50.00, first checked bag was $45.00, second checked bag was $55.00 and third checked bag was $65.00. However if you choose the Nicer category you can get a carry-on and first checked bag included in your fare. The Nicest category you can get a carry-on and two checked bags included in your fare!

All in all, Breeze is handling the common gripes of budget-conscious flyers without skimping on the travel essentials. They’re all about decently priced convenience, putting their customers first, and frankly, I think they’re onto something great here. I would definatey fly Breeze Airways again. They seems to be more than a fleeting trend – it definately feels like it’s here to stay. If you’re all about saving bucks without missing out on comfort, like me, this just might be the wind beneath your travel wings.


Sources: Information obtained from John Howell, Warwick Beacon, November 9, 2023. Personal travel experience.

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